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DIY ASIAN! Sesame Salmon over Noodles & Dashi w/ Edamame



Sesame Salmon over Noodles & Dashi with Edamame

If Asian cuisine intimidates you… Not any more! This has bright and vibrant flavors in every bite! You will make your own Dashi from your pantry items! You will use frozen Edamame, Grill your own Salmon, and use Top Romain - Yes Top Romain (ditch the salt pack) for your noodles! Quick, Simple, Easy… Look Like a Pro and impress! You can make a gorgeous Gourmet meal in 30 minutes or less! #TimeCrunch
This is the perfect dish for the occasional or weekend cooks, those that want to start learning new types of food, it’s really quite a lovely and refreshing dish… Oh best part- it can be served Hot or Cold!
Ramen noodles are excellent! I use them constantly! They’re fantastic in a pinch because they’re amazing at absorbing the flavors around them, making them blend and most universal. I love them when I’m doing my #TimeCrunch Series especially for that reason, as well as how fast and durable they are. For example in my Chicken Piccata or really anything with a noodle that you want distinct texture for.     
Time: 30 min total /max Difficulty:  EASY
  • Salmon Fillet - deboned, with/without Skin. (4-6 oz per serving.)
  • 1 pack Top Ramen noodle= 3-4 servings. (discard salt package)
  • 1 bag Frozen Peeled Edamame / Soy Beans - about ¼ cup per serving or more
  • Toasted Sesame oil - for searing
  • Sesame Seeds - garnish / optional
  • Scallions - garnish / optional
  • Any Sesame vinaigrette or marinade in the Salad dressings isle!
    • Make your own Sure: 1 pot heat: ⅓ cup Toasted Sesame oil, 2 tbsp honey, 1 Tbsp soy sauce,  pinch crushed garlic, pinch red pepper flakes. Simmer set aside to let firm.
Dashi: ¼ Cup per servings -shown above. It’s very rich broth, to compliment, this is not a soup.
  • 2 Cups Chicken Broth/ Stock
  • 2 Tbsp Mirin - or Sweet Vermouth, Sweet white cooking wine
  • ¼ Cup Rice Vinegar ( or cider vinegar)
  • ½ clove crushed garlic
  • 1 Sprig Thyme
  • 2 Tbsp sliced Scallions or  chives
  • Pinch Red Chili Flakes
  • 1 tsp Salt - to taste
  • White pepper to taste
      • OPTIONAL: chop up portabello or shitaki mushrooms realy small, add same time. Adds more rich dimension.
DASHI:  put all in a pot - boil, turn to a simmer until reduced by ½.  - Set aside or chill if using as a cold plate. *If the Dashi is a little too strong for your taste, add a few Tbsp of warm water until desired flavor.
Pull off at al dente. Drain and set aside. If you cooked it all the way - run cold water over it until it's cold to stop the noodles from over cooking.
EDAMAME: Save yourself a step! Keep that boiling water from the noodles. Flash those peeled Soybeans in the steaming water about 4 minutes until bite is pleasant to the tooth, drain -set aside.  _OR_ you can pop it in the microwave if you have one of the Steam in Bag kinds, like these from Target.

SALMON: Sesame Oil on pan - Med-High til near smoking. Dab a little marinade on flesh side. Place in pan Skin Side down.
Wait and don’t fuss with it or will loose the skin and make a Damned Mess! 4-5 Minutes, until it easily slides around, and skin is slightly crispy. Pressing in the middle will keep skin on full length as well as cook as the skin starts to seize.  
3-4 more minutes, pending on thickness. You want to still be slightly bouncy, though a paler shade of pink rather than bright orange in the center - You will be cutting these so if you’re not sure, go ahead and slice it open now to check it out.
Take out of pan immediately when finished as to not over cook. Place in marinade with skin side up.  
Now if you’re going to remove skin, you can pull it off now… for those of us who know that’s the best part… leave it be. Cut in half if need be or to appropriate size.
PLATING 123..4
  1. Noodle - Super easy because they stay together so just grab it by hand and drop it in the center.
  2. Edamame - Again arranged by hand.
  3. Spoon Dashi on and around noodles… again it’s light - not a soup, but coat noodles.
  4. Place Salmon on top.
  5. Drizzle glaze on top of salmon.
  6. Any garnish using like the Sesame seeds, chives, parsley…
You’re finished! Asian dish in less that 30 Minutes! An beautiful, healthy, and filling dish!  Enjoy!!!

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